I would surely be raiding this fat joint soon myself after reading Jeanine’s review! Burgers made by Fat Boy’s (literally) has got to FATastic with a capital F! They make ridonkulous bugers with quirky names such as fat basterd and expect weird ingredients like bananas and peanut butter in their burgers. Check out Jeanine’s post for more!

WHERE TO EAT? : FAT BOY'S i first noticed FAT BOY'S when we drove past thomson last week, a few days later ben was telling me about it and how wicked the burgers are, so yesterday, we went to FAT BOY'S! set in the heart of the Thomson area, the place exudes a very cosy feeling… and it definitely stands out among the other eats along the same stretch. the colors are kept simple, black and white. the furnishings are minimalist, but the wall art contributes to a photo oppo … Read More



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