SAY NO TO FAST FOOD!! (yeh right)

ED: My 3 and a half month streak of abstinence from Macs has ended! I’m so sad. My Anti-Mac Donalds Campaign failed. Sadly. Just like when Chiam See Tong lost Potong Pasir after 27 years. Or so it feels like it. It was such a struggle! I’m sure many of you can relate to my feelings. I started this campaign of mine after watching a youtube video of Mac Donalds food. The video shows that a Mac Donalds cheese burger and fries could be kept for 4 years and more without extra added preservatives or refrigeration!! Check it out and see for yourselves! (WARNING: Don’t watch it if your daily staple diet consists of Mac Donalds) 

So after watching that, what are your thoughts? I was quite disgusted. But the greedy pig part of my brain lies to me saying all those are BS and that I shouldn’t care so much cause life’s a bitch and its too short to worry too much. So I gave in, to temptation. I now confess, I ended up eating a fish fillet up-sized meal with ice milo and additional 2 harsh browns at 5 am. I was upset that’s why i needed my dearly missed comfort food. (excuses) But true. Temptations temptations. It felt so wrong yet it felt (tasted) so right. I guess i have to campaign again 5 years from now. Peace out.


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