Peperoni Pizzeria

ED: Gang and I were so hungry, we decided to take on the biggest yeasty beast. The 21 inches MONSTER. But first we had some little minions as starters to warm up.

Bruschetta With Chopped Tomatoes – $9.00

Buttery crusty bread with cold juicy vinaigrette coated tomatoes and hints of garlic and basil is truly a refreshing starter which wakes your senses. Fresh Fresh flavours! (Comes with 4 slices but Driver Jones was too hungry haha)

Parma Ham With Rock Melon – $17.00

When you look at this dish and think about it, it actually just consists of two main ingredients. Parma ham and rock melon. A combination of just two ingredients should be pretty self explanatory. But no, the combination of these two ingredients is rocket science to me! How on earth did the Italians come out with such a MAG-NIFI-CENT~  dish! This dish is so adored by the Italians they even have a festival to celebrate the marriage of this dish. The marriage of the two ingredients is so perfect its beats Edward Cullen and Bella Swan and Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. The marriage of sweet rock melon and top quality parma ham. Beautiful.

Deep Fried Calamari – $14.00

Stella & Maredsous Brune – $13.00/$15.00

Fresh squid coated in batter and fried in hot oil to golden perfection served with fresh made tartar and spicy tomato sauce. It was not bad. But Jones says the one at the other outlet is better.

XXL Pepperoni & Fungi Pizza – $50.00

And then came the yeasty beast. Which i attacked with teeth and claws going straight for the kill. The tomato sauce was well balanced with a light hint of oregano. The dough was nice and thin but still soft with a bite to it and the crust! It was light and super crusty it just fills my head with so much noise as i crunched on it. We actually ordered 1/2 the pizza with peperoni and the other with mushrooms and ham but they gave us pure mushrooms instead. But it was fine though i felt i had too much plump juicy brown mushrooms that night and got a little tired of them. But overall, this was one of the better thin crust pizzas I’ve had. But i thought its pretty pricey $50 for a pizza. Or so that’s what i thought! Its actually cheaper and you get more surface area of pizza than two 11 inches pizzas which prolly cost up to $25 each! Plus its enough to feed around 5 people, or 20 girls, or 4 guys. Or 1 fat man. Peace out.

(Courtesy from Jeanine :p)

6 Greenwood Ave Singapore 289195
tel : 64656556

Total bill for 5 pax – $161


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