Banana Bre-ake

Rach: I’m going bananas! What’s Bre-ake you ask? I can’t decide whether this is a bread or a cake. Since it’s in a cake pan, it’s prolly a cake? But that’s because i didn’t have a loaf tin lol… Texture wise I think I can tweak it a little for better results. I think I’ve helped myself to a quarter of it by now because it’s so scrumptious! Not too buttery, not too sweet. Anything with bananas and chocolate chips wins right?

PS: The little orange things you see in the picture are not ‘mentaikos’ (Prawn roe in Japanese). It’s… colored Brown Sugar. Kena bluffed by my mum. She said they’ll turn brown with heat… it didn’t. Thankfully I only sprinkled a little just to test. See, i myself wasn’t buying what she said!

Oh, Ed took the camera… so i only had to rely on my nasty 3 mega-pixel iPhone camera to take this.


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