Salted Caramel

ED: 15 years ago, mini me would beg mom and dad politely with puss in boots eyes for ice cream. If I was a good boy, they’d buy me a paddle pop. (Zzz) Or maybe a waffle ice cream from ice cream uncle. What ever type of ice cream i would shut up and eat, and be a happy kid. I only realized I’ve been fooled all my life when i had Swensons for the first time. On the contrary, kids these days are spoiled for choice for many new brands of ice cream. But they wouldn’t scream just for any ice cream, only the good ones.

Earl Grey, Salted Caramel And Baileys Ice Cream

One of the newer brands would be Salted Caramel. It’s a small shop beside a prata shop at thompson. The name says it all so I told myself, I’m gonna have a scoop of salted caramel. Which I did and it was a tiny let down as it kinda tasted like a less sweet butterscotch ice cream. But it still tasted good and the scoops were HUGE though i felt the saltiness should be tuned up a notch so it would be that extra special salted caramel like it should have been. There were some other interesting flavors such as Earl Grey, Peanut Butter, Horlicks Tim Tam, Baileys but most of them were basic flavours which doesn’t mean its a bad thing as some people prefer basic original flavours.
Nicole recommended Earl Grey and Baileys, and from then on I started to trust her a little more. I’ve never tried Earl Grey ice cream before and it was the bomb. A must try for all tea/Earl Grey lovers! You can really smell and taste the Earl Grey tea and the sweetness was just right. The Baileys was rather mild though and i wished they added a couple more bottles in there. (I’m not an alcoholic) But yeh i couldn’t really taste the baileys. We all shared a slice of Pecan and Date Tart but it wasn’t nice at all.

Affogatto ❤

Jones and I then had an Affogato each. Which is hot espresso poured onto cold vanilla ice cream. The result- one step close to heaven. My soul was temporarily seated at Campos Coffee in Sydney where i had THE BEST AND FOREVER WILL BE THE BEST Affogatto, and i snapped back and realized I was smiling to myself! The espresso was dynamite! Only thing was the vanilla ice cream was a far cry from Campos Coffee’s. The one at Campos was thick and sticky and doesn’t melt as easily! But i still enjoyed my Affogato none the less even after suffering insomnia the entire night. Dynamite! Overall, its an ice cream chain you all should check out. The best part is, wait for it-
Its only $2.50 for a big ass scoop!! and the Affogato cost $5 each. I think one of the biggest plus points which draws the endless stream of crowd would have to be the affordable prices and generous scoop portions! Plus the Salted Caramel scoopies were friendly and patient with customers. Despite a few misses in the ice cream i feel this parlour has potential to further improve and will do so.

(Waiting impatiently for my Affogato and also, a rough view of what the place looks like :p)

Address: 246G Upper Thomson Road

Opening Hours

Sun–Thu: 12pm – 11pm
Fri–Sat: 12pm – 2am


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