Popping Corn

Rach: You know there’s Cornery and Garrett’s Popcorn in the market now, which are awesome to the max but one thing for sure, they are loaded with tons of fats and sodium. Only by making your own popcorn, would you then know exactly how much salt, butter and sugar goes into it to make it so addictive. The results my friends… well, you won’t want to know… but i guess you should.

“A medium-size buttered popcorn contains more fat than a breakfast of bacon and eggs, a Big Mac and fries, and a steak dinner combined.” I found this report on a survey done in the states on Wiki. Happened there, and may happen here too. Just saying 🙂


So here’s what we did. I bought a pack of kernels (the size of a baby’s pillow) for S$4.70 from Cold Storage… this is what i call value for money man!

Butterscotch Popcorn

Who has Scotch at home seriously… well, we don’t. So we used… Whiskey. (Like how we didn’t have any liquor or rum for our caramel sauce when making our pancakes… we used Whiskey too lol!) And yes… tons of sugar to get that caramel! Sugar is thy enemy.

Parmesan Cheese Popcorn

This is my favorite! With finely chopped garlic bits, give it a quick stir fry with butter for the flavor. Sprinkle in some basil herbs or thyme leaves and lastly, Parmesan cheese! A good choice for the health-conscious because you don’t need to toss in too much cheese for flavor. A little bit goes a long way for this one!

Remember kids, mindless eating in front of the telly isn’t good. Trust me on this one… Few days ago i made another batch of popcorn to accompany me through Criminal Minds & Castle and… i ate everything.

A batch is supposed to feed 3 people.
Good Job.

So tell me, do you guys prefer sweet or savory popcorn? 🙂


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