The Cookie Museum

Rach: Be awed as you step into a Victorian and Baroque inspired setting, of classy and grandeur furnishings. The Cookie Museum is quietly hidden in a corner, often forgotten because I get distracted by Max Brenner’s over-powering chocolate scent… But that doesn’t mean that you should give it a miss, it’s a whole different experience!

Fortunately for me, my friend introduced this gorgeous cafe to me. She had a voucher for a free pot of tea! And a pot of tea you must have when you’re there. It kinda fits the whole atmosphere and ambiance. Plus they have a wide array of teas to choose from, mostly light and fragrant teas. I had the ‘Raphael’s Kiss’, a white tea with peony blossoms. And a pot of tea costs from S$12 to S$15 if I remembered correctly… sadly, no sharing is allowed, you have to get your own individual pot. Yes, a bit ‘atas’… when you see the menu and its costs of cakes, you’ll get what i mean.

Chocolate & Cheese Melting Cake (S$22.90)

Where’s the cake? It has… melted. Into a pool of slop. It wasn’t warm anymore when it was served, but at room temperature. Sloppy cake it is. Would have been nicer if it was warm. Need a chocolate fix? This would do. IT’S SUPER RICH. I can’t help but think that this was created/invented accidentally lol…

Brownies Tower (S$16)

Not so much of a tower is it? Nothing special for S$16 worth of brownies. The vanilla ice cream that came with it is not bad though!

Go early, or at least reserve your cakes in advance because when we got there, most of the items were sold out 😦 Got to give props to the friendliest staffs I’ve ever met in my life though! They take great pride in introducing their company’s wide array of cookies and explaining the interesting flavour behind each one! Maybe we were paying more for the awesome service there instead of the food lol.

Hmm, we didn’t try the cookies this time round but next time! I know right, it’s called The Cookie Museum for a reason. But I’ve tried one or two of their funky flavors before, Like Nasi Lemak cookie, and Laksa cookie? Interesting flavor and good enough to be dangerously addictive. Would love to try their rose cookies next. Well we’ll go back soon, when i have more $$$…

Or when we want to take more pictures of the naked statues.

(Sorry for the poorly taken pictures. There was a sign outside which prohibited photography, so we were sneaking around trying to take a shot without getting caught.)

Value – 3/5
Food – 3/5
Ambiance – 4.5/5
Service – 4/5 (would give another 0.5 if many of their dishes weren’t out)


2 thoughts on “The Cookie Museum

  1. I just joined their member club a month ago! You get free tea every month being a member. I guess it’s worth it paying $38 to be a member;)

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