Greenwood Fish Market Bistro

ED: Bukit Timah is a beautiful and tranquil place to be at night but around the corner is a little avenue by the name of greenwood which is buzzing with quietly elegant sounds of chattering laughter, clattering cutlery and clinking wine glasses. I myself am buzzing with nail biting anticipation of awesomeness. That’s right, Greenwood Fish Market Bistro is home to the freshest cold water fish and seafood from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, USA and local waters. Seafood lovers like me are attracted to fresh catch like sharks are to blood. Also don’t forget to take note of their daily promotions! (Especially Tuesday’s $1 Oyster Night!!)

Greenwood serves up a sea of variety when it comes to fresh catch! Monkfish, Salmon, John Dorry, Pink Snapper, Trout just to name a few. Of course if you’re having seafood you may want to pair them with some of their 120 labels of popular wines, or mouth watering cold beers! Try their Deep Fried Spiny Lobster With Lime Leaves And Chili With Thai Dipping Sauce with beer or a crisp white wine with their NZ Green Lip Mussels In Garlic Wine Sauce! Which was what i started with without regrets. 😛

NZ Green Lip Mussels In Garlic Wine Sauce

You’re sitting there at your table chatting and laughing (or pretending to) with your friends trying to keep yourself busy from the finger tapping leg shaking knuckle cracking  anticipation of Greenwood’s dishes. When suddenly heads turn 360 degrees at the whiff of a sweet garlicky buttery lovely smell of Mussels in garlic wine sauce. All of a sudden the all little people down there in our tummies break into a civil riot protesting with lit torches and shotguns in the air. I took a plump juicy mussel, soaked it in the sauce and ate it – Omg. Fresh, sweet, juicy, plump mussel with one of the most awesome wine sauces I’ve tasted. Superb with those sauteed onions. Here’s a tip for you all. The lovely herb bun they serve you upon being seated, save that for the wine sauce. (;

Soon after the mussels came their giant cousin Goliath.

I was as shocked as David was when he first layed eyes upon Goliath the giant. These Baron Point Oysters cost a dollar more then their not so giant cousins but if you like it big… try them. (; They’re freshly shucked and still alive when served! Truly the ultimate aphrodisiac sex pill of the Greek Goddess herself Aphrodite.

Nicole had her Smoked Seafood Salad. (Sorry for blurred photo,  Nicole was too ready to jump on her salad.

I had my Yellow Fin Tuna Pan Seared medium while Jones had his Grilled rare. At Greenwood you are spoilt for choice for how you want your fish cooked! The tuna was fresh and seared nicely medium and was served with the most delicious sweet potato mash and sauteed eggplant I’ve ever had, sauteed broccoli and deep fried chiffonade carrots and turnips sprinkled with sea salt, which adds an amazing crisp texture to the dish. The sauce was something like a court bouillon butter sauce which is a broth and wine sauce emulsified with butter. That sauceee was a whip cracker. But I wished i had more of it as they didn’t plate enough sauce as you can see. ):

Here’s Jone’s Rare Grilled Yellow Tuna. (Quite jealous of how nice his looks. Plus his had a good amount of sauce!!)

LOOK, nice and rare like sashimi on the inside (*sighhh)

Here’s Jeanine’s Surf And Turf! Ribeye With Lobster Served With Mash And Veg.

The Lobster was fresh. (Obviously. It was just swimming and whistling happily in the tank behind us moments ago) E-nuff-said. The steak! Perfectly charred and medium rare with a slightly creamy beef sauce. Though the mash was a tad bit wet and peppery. But overall it was delicious, and i was stuffed cause Jeanine kept feeding me but aye! I’m not complaining 😀

Photos of us mentally corrupted foodies ❤

Jeanine and I :p

Jones and crazy Nicole!

Anyways! Swim to Greenwood Fish Market Bistro. You can’t go wrong with fresh seafood. Check out their website at for promotions and more details. Peace V (:

Opening hours

12pm – 1030pm (Everyday)

34 Greenwood Avenue Hillcrest Park Singapore

Tel: +65 6467 4950 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            +65 6467 4950


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