A Take On Love Buns

Rach: Haha, sorry been missing for awhile! I haven’t been whipping up anything much in the kitchen recently, because… I’m trying to keep in shape here, so it’s best that i do not tempt myself by baking. That’s suicidal.

I know there are healthy recipes out there, but I’m not that hardcore to actually go for gluten-free breads or cakes. It’s just… not the same you know? And I still don’t get how one can substitute butter for apple sauce lol! That’s madness, it’ll never taste the same!

So I was looking through some pictures on my computer and I found these…

Gorgeous looking cupcakes aren’t they? But they aren’t your typical cupcakes with sugary icing. Behold… The toppings are a kind of a meringue base, actually similar to marshmallows! Important tip here: Make sure that you do actually have a hand-held mixer to do this. If not you’ll very much get sore arms after this strenuous exercise. Well, i didn’t have one, so thank goodness my friend with baking muscles helped me out with all that whipping!

The texture of the cake is really light and moist at the same time. As for the toppings? Just imagine melty marshmallows! So yummy… I guess if you didn’t have a hand-held mixer, you could cheat a little by melting your own marshmallows then drizzle them all over? The consistency of it may be a little too thick if you did that though. No harm trying!

Recipe adapted from Nigella’s website! Here you go!

I’m going to try to bake something soon… I feel like chocolate…
It’s quite impossible for me to diet seriously, I’m quite proud to say that I’ve never actually succeeded :p


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