“We are living in exceptional times. Scientists tell us that we have 10 years to change the way we live, avert the depletion of natural resources and the catastrophic evolution of the Earth’s climate. The stakes are high for us and our children. Everyone should take part in the effort.” ~HOME

Rach: Want to help the environment? Then go GREEN! Cutting down on plastic bags isn’t enough. Animal agriculture accounts for 70% of global freshwater consumption, 38% of the total land use and 19% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, which is higher than all forms of transportation combined. We’re not asking you to go 100% vegetarian, but by consuming less meat, you can certainly contribute to saving our planet, and become healthier too!

Right now, both of us have just started trying to go vegan once a week (either Monday or Thursday). Please don’t think that one person partaking in this isn’t going to make a difference, a step is better than none at all! If everyone had the same mentality, then that’s just sad… Well guys, if you’re willing to take that step, i introduce to you… VEGANBURG!

Can fast food be healthy? YES THEY CAN!
Their buns are made from: Organic Wholemeal Grains, Raw Sugar, Natural Sea Salt and Distilled Water.
Their patties contain NO: Gluten, Dairy, Genetically Modified Organism (GMO), Preservatives and Transfat.

Want an environmentally-friendly and whole goodness diet? Then continue reading for more pictures!

Smoky BBQ: The mushroom patty for this is quite soft and mushy… Made from beans and mushrooms! More BBQ sauce to this would have been better!

Tangy Tartar: When i was having the Tangy Tartar, I had totally forgotten that we were having a vegetarian meal! Loving the deep fried patty along with the tangy tartar sauce… almost like fish burger, yums!

Char-Grilled Satay: The “chicken” was so tender and the gravy was certainly rich in flavor! I was never a fan of ‘local-fusion’ food… think pizza and bak gua (bbq pork) from Pizza Hut… But this burger with the satay gravy and red onion was surprisingly good!

Hawaiian Pineapple: Made of soy patty with a thick slice of pineapple. We didn’t try this, but my friend said it was alright 🙂

Veganfranks: Hmm, not bad at all. Resembles sausages taste wise and texture wise! Just don’t eat it when it’s cold… it’ll become rubbery, and you’ll have a tough time chewing it lol!

Guilt-Free Chocolate Ice Cream: Nothing that special about it’s taste or whatever actually. There’s probably no milk in this, so it kinda reminds of chocolate and ice? Doesn’t taste too diluted or anything though!

Our favorite burgers? I recommend the Tangy Tartar and Char-Grilled Satay! Next item on the menu that i would love to try would be the Cracked Pepper Mayo and the Potato Spinach Pops which were out on the day we went there 😦 Their organic wholemeal buns are light and tastes delightful! I love alfalfa so i wished they added more of it. Oh, if they used a better grade of lettuce (like the ones you see in their menus), it would have been mouth-watering! A cool thing about VeganBurg is they serve their meals in steel mass tins!

And another thing that i love about that place? The juices! They are pure with no preservatives and no sugar added! Also, it would be great if we could switch our fries for other sides instead. Not sure if we can do that, i doubt it, but i’ll ask the next time i get there! Since it’s only a 10-15 minutes walk from my place! 🙂

44 Jalan Eunos Singapore 419502
Tel: 6844 6868 Fax: 6844 1021
Opens Daily from 11am to 10pm


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