Gindaco’s Taiyaki & Takoyaki

Rach: Recently I found this little gem in the basement of Raffles City thanks to my friend, Lu! Had those little ‘German Potato Taiyaki’ (Crispy Hot Sandwich, but i like to call them fishies) for the third time this week! Fans of sour cream and onion chips, heads up! You would love this… Mashed potatoes, sour cream, bacon, onions, enveloped in this slightly crispy ‘awesomeness’ (i don’t know what you call the outer layer, crust? But it sure is awesome alright lol)!

This Takoyaki (Octopus balls) wins Takopatchi’s hands down! It’s slightly more expensive… but omg, it’s so worth it… I’m not going to get anymore tako balls from Takopatchi! I should stop typing this… thinking back on the taste of it, is making me crave for more! I recently bought the Taiyaki and Takoyaki for Ed to try, and he approves a 100%!

There are other flavors to try too! And different outlets sell different flavors actually… Their Facebook page has more information and pictures 🙂
RAFFLES CITY Shopping Center #B1-54
German Potato Taiyaki – S$2.60
Original Takoyai – S$3.40

Gindaco Singapore’s Facebook page
Gindaco’s Japanese Website

We may be doing another rendition of this ‘German Potato’ (without the ‘fish’ crust)… I hope we can recreate the same flavor, or an even better one!


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