Breaded Prawns on a Stick

Rach: This isn’t a Valentine’s Day post but if you have an Asian themed dinner planned, sure you could include this as a side dish!

If you’ve got some prawns, you’re good to go… you probably have the other ingredients in your kitchen, like eggs, herbs etc. I went prawning the other day with my friends. So what i got are fresh water ‘prawnys’. They are puny… We didn’t catch too many, i’m still a noob at it. Got my finger pierced by a hook even! Grr…

I don’t have the exact measurements for each ingredient, i just added them by ‘feel’ haha!
Well, when shelling the prawns, remember to keep the prawn shells! Store them in the freezer, and you can use them the next time to make prawn bisque! Also, careful when shelling them, the edges are sharp… ouch.

(for the marinate)

  • Butter
  • Lemon
  • Garlic
  • Herbs (Basil, Dill)
  • Salt and pepper to taste

(for the crust)

  • Jacobs Square biscuits/crackers (crushed into fine bits)
  • Oatmeal
  • Thyme
  • Salt
  • Egg

1. For the marinate, mix butter, garlic, herbs together. Add a squeeze of lemon (depending on the size of your portion), salt and pepper to taste.
2. Skew the prawns, slit open the top of the prawn (just a little), and spread the marinate on it.
3. Place some biscuits in a plastic bag, and start smashing it with a rolling pin, or just hit it against the counter. Pour them out into a bowl, add in the oatmeal, salt and thyme, and give it a good mix.
4. Beat egg in a small bowl, and add in 2 teaspoons of water. This will help the crumbs to stick onto the prawns. Just give the prawn a quick deep into the egg. Do not let it soak in for too long, if not your crumbs are going to fall off when you put the prawns into the oil. It’ll be too ‘heavy’ and the crumbs will slide off together with the egg.
5. If you’ve got a deep fryer, good for you. If not, on high heat, pour some olive oil into a wok or a huge pan with a lid so that it won’t get so messy and oily. Once the oil is hot enough, slowly drop the prawns in. Watch it as the crust turns golden brown. Prawns cook really fast, so be careful not to over cook them! Also, if your oil is too hot, your crust may be burnt, but your prawns may be under cooked.
6. Drain out any excess oil on a kitchen roll.

Mayonnaise and wasabi is going to make a really good dip for this dish! For me, i like my ratio to be Mayo 3 tsp : Wasabi 1 tsp. Up to you really!


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