Japanese Style Prawn Salad

Japanese Style Prawn Salad

ED: When people think of prawn salads, they usually think about prawns and mayonnaise, so i thought I’d spice things up a little by adding a couple more ingredient to create a whole new dish. What inspired this dish was when i thought of using ebiko (prawn roe) and thought, why not make it a Japanese style salad? So i immediately thought of using wasabi for some heat, Japanese rice wine vinegar for some acidity and lemon juice to bring the salad to life. I then added a generous amount of ebiko, which are kinda like little mines triggered with each bite setting off mini explosions of salty fishy flavor which is absolutely delicious! To complete the salad i dressed the prawns and served it on a bed of leafs and Japanese cucumber and garnished it with some shredded seaweed and more ebiko. Tuna flakes would also be wonderful! Oishiii~


  • Prawns
  • Japanese cucumber(julienned)
  • Red cabbage(julienned)
  • Lettuce(julienned)

Dressing –

    • Mayonnaise
    • Wasabi
    • Rice wine vinegar
    • Lemon juice
    • Ebiko

    Garnish –

      • Shredded seaweed
      • Ebiko
      • Chives(fine chopped)
      • Tuna flakes
      1. First, boil or steam the prawn with the shell on *.
      2. Wash and julienne the veggies.
      3. To make the dressing, in a bowl add mayonnaise, as much wasabi as you like, a splash of Japanese rice wine vinegar and lemon juice, and ebiko. Mix to combine.
      4. When prawns are cooked*, strain them and cool them in an ice bath*. Once cooled strain, peel them and toss in dressing.
      5. Serve on julienned veggies, finely chop some chives and garnish along with shredded seaweed, ebiko and tuna flakes.

      *Cooking prawns with the shell on helps retain its size and shape.                                              *Cooked prawns should not be translucent in colour but just very slightly opaque.                  *Ice bath prevents over cooking and discolouration of the flesh.


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